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Congrats to the 2019 College Scholarship Recipients

Wishing the scholarship recipients and all the JG students the best for the 2019-2020 school year.

We want to congratulate the 2019 Capitola Junior Guard Program Parent Club College Scholarship recipients and wish them all the best in the coming year.

We look forward to support more JG students next year when the 2020 application window opens.

Raylene Allen - Cal Poly

3 Years of Junior Guards. Has been to nationals and Worlds for flags. Scholar Athlete. Going to study business marketing. Quote: "I will always bleed Tola."

Grace Bailey - Vanderbilt University

12 years of Guards with 16 sessions. State flag champion from 2015 - 17. Scholar Athlete on recipient of the CIF Athlete of the year 2017 in the state of CA. Pre-med major. Favorite memories include regionals bus ride. Quote: “Who knew that when I stepped onto the beach as a 6 yr old that Team Tola would shape me into the best version of myself ."

Allissa Blackmun - Cal Poly

10 years of Junior Guards. Going to study Parks and Rec. She will never forget her fear of the ocean and competing, by the time she was an A she was both confidant in her abilities both on land and water.

Mitchell Howard - Brown University

9 years with 11 sessions. Studying Behavioral Economics and Computer Science.

Scholar Athlete at SHS. Active in school politics. Quote: “To become an instructor and be approachable, to be kind, to be empathetic and focused others instead of being sucked in the a trap of self indulgence."

Annie Nigh - UCLA

12 years with 20 sessions. 2nd generation of JG parents on both sides. Scholar athlete at SHS. Quote: "Without the JG program, I would lack some of the characteristics that have enabled my success as a student athlete and overall person."

Mathew Morse - Gonzaga

11 years with 15 sessions. Going to study Business and Environmental Science. Scholar athlete at Aptos High. He is the third Morse to be an instructor on the the beach. Quote: “Junior Guards helped me instill a passion for the ocean a positive competitive spirit."

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